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MBA Journey - Getting into INSEAD

Hi everyone, I have had a 4 month journey from deciding to do an MBA to getting into Insead (now ranked #1 globally by the Financial Times, btw!)

The GMAT took up nearly half of this time, and this site was really helpful and my only resource outside the official software. Got 750 in the end.

Then I applied at just two 2 schools: London Business School and Insead (both of them were EMBA programmes). The LBS interview was very weird/unprofessional, and apparently tanked my application. I tried to appeal to the Admissions Manager but they couldn't accept that their staff member had not conducted the interview properly, and dismissed my appeal as 'sour grapes'. Still curious about what games they were playing there... It stunk like a cover-up. Was I not "diverse" enough?

The INSEAD application included 5 essays (but reasonable questions) and then an interview which lasted over 2 hours but was much more friendly and professional. Was very happy and relieved to be accepted into such a top school! Not sure exactly what tips to offer, except that my essays were quite colorful and personal, rather than being dull/formulaic/too safe, and I simply nailed the interview.

I did take a look at the Trium GEMBA application but 2 of the essay questions were impossible to answer honestly as they simply didn't apply to me at all, i.e. they asked me to talk about experiences which I had never had. Strange situation. I would have picked INSEAD over Trium given the choice anyway, so it's a moot point now.

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